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Cep powder, 25g

100% dried cep/porcini powder. All the taste and aroma of those delicious ceps, but without the need to rehydrate in advance: just sprinkle and go! 

A delicious, practical and highly versatile condiment that will add umami oomph to all manner of dishes: pasta, pizza, rice and risottos, sauces and gravies, eggs, potatoes, grilled meats and vegetables... even salads, cheese and popcorn. 

Dining with someone who doesn't like mushrooms? No worries - just pop this pretty boy on the table and then everyone can help themselves. Or not. And voilà, everyone's a winner.

Cep powder, 25g

9,90 €Prix
  • Ingredients: 100% dried and ground cep mushrooms (Boletus edulis, aereus and pinophilus)

    Net weight: 25g

    Presented in a glass jar with stainless steel shaker lid

    Dimensions of jar:

    height 8.5cm

    diametre 4.9cm 

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